Coal Fired Boilers

Ledvice, Czech Republic
Client: ČEZ a.s.
Year of Completion: 2019
1 x Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
  • 350 t/h
  • 96/32 bar (a)
  • 545/540 °C
Fuel: brown coal

Scope: redesign and delivery of FBHE and fluidized bed nozzles, cyclone redesign and repairing procedure preparation, boiler management system optimization and new logics setup

Zlín, Czech Republic
Client: ALPIQ Generation
Year of Completion: 2019
1 x Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
  • 150 t/h
  • 9,6 MPa
  • 540 °C
Fuel: brown/hard coal

Scope: firing optimization, temperature in furnace cross-section unification, NOx reduction (SNCR installation),

Łódź, Poland
Client: Babcock Borsig Steinmüller GmbH (Office Oberhausen, Germany)
Year of realization: 2014 - 2016
2 x Coal fired boilers
  • 230 t/h 
  • 13,8 MPa 
  • 540 °C
Scope:  Engineering works focused on process design, completion of P&I diagrams, delivery and installation of field instrumentation, CEMS and SWAS. 

Kakanj K6, Bosnia and Hercegovina
Client: TPP Elektroprivreda BiH
Year of Start-up: 2012
1 x Pulverized Coal Fired Boiler
General modernization of boiler K6
  • 350 t/h 
  • 140 / 32 bar(a)    
  • 540 / 540 °C
  • slag-tap furnace
Fuels: brown coal
Scope: performance enhancement, reduction of slagging, emission reduction, life assessment, exchange of deteriorated parts, long-term service concept