News 2022


UNIS Power to supply gas fired boiler for Hamburg – Dradenau

On 23 December 2021, the ARGE Uniper–ENKA Dradenau awarded contract to UNIS Power for design, manufacture and supply of a new gas fired boiler. The boiler will be part of 180 MW electric and district heating capacity of 260 MW Combined Heat and Power Plant currently built by the joint venture for Wärme Hamburg GmbH at Dradenau location in Hamburg. The power plant is expected to be in operation 14 December 2024.
The new boiler will utilize natural gas and hydrogen fuel supplying 92 t/h of high pressure steam (105 bar(a), 500 °C) into the plant network. The boiler is specifically designed as modularized concept for easy construction at the site.


Eisenhüttenstadt - Project execution news

After successful boiler pressure test on time on 22/10/2021, the project is after chemical cleaning close to the mechanical completion and completion of cold tests. Hot testing of the whole plant starts in February 2022 so the planned handover of the completed work will take place by the end of summer 2022.


Dörpen - Project Nordland execution news

Project execution ongoing, the key milestone "Boiler pressure test" successfully done on 26.11.2021 even 3 weeks before the contractual milestone term. Now the mechanical and especially electrical and I&C erection works approach to the milestone "Mechanical completion" on 15.3.2022. Then the testing period will start with cold commissioning and hot commissioning including the boiler chemical cleaning and boiler blow off procedures during May and June. Tests will culminate in August by the continuous 30 days Trial run including the Performance and Guarantee tests. The hand over is planned for September 2022.